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June 24th 2018: Voting for the June OTMs is open here. Voting will earn you 5 points, so once you've submitted your form, take a screenshot of the confirmation page and PM it to either Lea or Lindsay, so we can award you your points! You should not vote for yourself for character or player. The advertising contest is still going on too, so remember to get involved in that!

June 20th 2018: Well we've been open for just over a month now, and staff would like to thank everyone who's joined us so far and been just so lovely! We're so happy to have you! In less soppy news, we currently have an advertising contest going on with nice points prizes for the top three winners! Some tweaks have been made to the guidebook to clarify a couple of points that were brought up upon opening, and we now also have a plotting channel in discord, so quick! Get in there and cook up lots of juicy plots! The season has also been changed to summer. Phew, it's getting warm!

May 14th 2018: Happy grand opening! After much time and hard work, Halcyon is open to the public! Cue the confetti! …Wait, we forgot the confetti? Oh, well. It’s so very exciting to see everything come together, hopefully you’re just excited as we are! We’re still tying a few loose ends together so please post in Maintenance if you spot anything unusual! The world of Halycon is a grand one waiting for exploration and adventure and we hope you join us for many years to come. Now get out there and have fun!

Year 1, Summer

Summer is in full force! While there are still places in Halcyon that remain chilly (namely the Falledge Peaks), elsewhere things are heating up! Best take shelter during the hottest part of the day and only travel through the Unresting Wilds if you absolutely must! Rainfall and cloud cover are not completely absent, but the majority of days are hot and dry.

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Welcome to Halcyon a semi-realistic play-by-post wolf roleplay. Halcyon is set in an area long abandoned by man, and reclaimed by the wilds. We hope you'll stay a while - we'd love to have you!

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